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Why Choose Moravec Geothermal?

For 82 years and four generations Barney Moravec, Inc. has been drilling in the highly variable geology of Central New York.

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Successful application of geothermal as a technology involves not just proper system design and equipment in the home; a high-quality connection to the earth is essential. The merging of our experience with the geothermal industry in this part of our state is not only unique but a game-changer.

There exists in our area geological conditions that could adversely affect the performance of a geothermal system. We understand this fact and have helped our geothermal clients avoid such issues. Just as in our water well drilling business our name is on everything we do and that means our reputation for performance is on the line every time on every job.



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Things to Concider

  • Radiant, Forced Air or a Combination of Both
  • Insulation and Air Sealing
  • Timing of the processes involved
  • Vertical or Horizontal
  • Design and Sizing of the home
  • Installation
  • Tax Incentives


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New Construction 1,000-10,000 Square Ft
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